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Drug Abuse Dialogues delivers educational workshops to professional audiences. These fast-paced, comprehensive sessions are based on the most recent data and information from multiple sources. Presentations are custom designed to fit the needs of your group, and delivered in a straightforward way that is both engaging and easy to understand.

Carol Falkowski is an author, prolific writer and seasoned communicator. A nationally-recognized drug abuse expert, she has delivered training on drug abuse-related topics throughout the country for more than three decades. She is a compelling and experienced keynote speaker.

When planning an educational event about drug abuse, start with Drug Abuse Dialogues.

Read reviews of Falkowski's work here.

What we can do here, now about our opioid national crisis by Carol Falkowski

Meth in Minnesota Revisited by Carol Falkowski

The Russian Roulette of Drug Abuse by Carol Falkowski

Marijuana and Adolescents: Caution by Carol Falkowski by Carol Falkowski

Everyone's Role in Reversing the Opioid Epidemic by Carol Falkowski

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