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About Drug Abuse Dialogues

Drug Abuse Dialogues, LLC is a Minnesota based business that delivers educational training workshops about drug abuse to wide variety of professional audiences and community groups. Carol Falkowski founded Drug Abuse Dialogues in October 2012 after 25 years presenting drug abuse information to audiences around the world.

Educational workshops by Drug Abuse Dialogues can include some or all of the following elements:

  • The prevalence of drug and alcohol abuse – How widespread is drug abuse and alcohol use?
  • Emerging drugs of abuse – What are the new drugs of abuse?
  • Effects of new drugs - What do these drugs do in the short –term and the long-term? What are the signs of someone who is under the influence of these drugs?
  • Demographics of new user groups – Who is using these new drugs and why?
  • Addiction defined– What is addiction?  What are some behavioral signs of an emerging substance abuse problem? What is the relationship with mental health disorders?
  • Addiction treatment – What is the purpose of addiction treatment? How effective is it?
  • Substance abuse prevention – What are the key features of effective substance abuse prevention?  What are the barriers?
  • Steps to address substance abuse – What can parents do? Communities? Schools? Professionals?  Employers?

Professional Training Workshops

These sessions are geared toward audiences of professionals from a broad range of disciplines: health care, social services, schools, corrections, law enforcement, government administration, or private employers.

Community Workshops

These workshops are designed for community audiences in order to present a current and accurate overview of substance abuse issues, why communities should care about it and what they can do about it.  Typically these events are geared toward parents, held in the evening at schools or community centers, and last up to 2 hours. The opening presentation by Carol Falkowski is usually followed by a question and answer discussion with a panel of local professionals from schools, law enforcement, and treatment.

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